Risey Joseph
Parents sacrifice a lot to see you through campus education. Some go to an extra mile of securing loans to ensure that their sons and daughters lack nothing during their dream chase.
What they don’t know is that, after dropping them at the campus gate their sons and daughters unmask themselves and undress the saint code they put on at home to be picked exactly at that point when the semester ends. Their lifestyle takes a twist and everything including their names change. Thanks to campus swag which consume them and make them feel as if they own the whole world.
I’m 100% your parents will get simultaneous heart attacks if they have a glimpse of things you do; you remember when your dad called and you hang up only to call him an hour later with an excuse that you were in a group discussion.

I just wish he could know how busy you were testing your gadgets for the just invented Chinese lovemaking style with your boyfriend.
A prudent mother is always on her knees praying for her kids and since you are the only child she has managed to take to university, she makes a special dedication asking angels to protect you against the powers of darkness. What she doesn’t know is that angels of both sides are in control and the moment she ends her prayers with a mighty AMEN, it’s at that exact time your party time is kicking off with a YOLOOOOOO…..(You Only Live Once) ‘kwatako’ gets over you as you shake your bones with an army of men around each demanding a share of you. I think she should know that apart from the jawbones you move during choir singing, her daughter has other million bones she can shake.

It’s barely two months since the whole team of UMEME paid your parents a visit and now the landlord with his ultimatums. A good decision had to be made, to pay electricity bill and rent or send the money to their child who is in campus to finance his semester project. An old lamp has to be reminded that its break is over while the landlord has to proof that he is truly a man of God and those who wait upon HIM are never put into shame. Nooooo…….! This is too much. I think I should tell them that it’s been two months since you stepped in class. Of course hard work is a virtue they instilled in you since you were a toddler and yes you have been busy partying, betting and chasing after the main project- The Babiryes.

I wish your mother could know when she chest-thump to the whole village about how her daughter is a pristine angel who embraced education first unlike the daughters of women who give birth at early ages. How her educated daughter will make the whole village proud and get married at church. What you should know dear mum is that your prayer reached the heavens at a very high speed and the ‘good news’ is that your daughter is already married. She moved in with her course mate boyfriend and offers


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