Just say YES!…….just a thought

Just A YES……..

By Risey Joseph
With this economy of 21st century, I’m forced to toil day and night to try and make ends meet. Has it ever dawned on you the burden I carry on my shoulders? Thank God I have spared this one minute to put my little secret down.
My clients need my services 24\7 with no fail, the landlord has nothing else to do but sit and wait for the end of month to knock at my door, the bank manager needs his loan paid in full plus the interest, how I wish he is kidnapped and the bank collapses or catches fire to ever lose trace of me. My siblings blame me of sucking all the family’s income for my education, as if I’m the one who chose to be born first. So no excuse of not paying their school fees.

I’m the quest of honour at my church and village mostly every weekend and there is no reason you can give for not contributing for their projects or Harambees for weddings or even minor catastrophes. All in the name of giving back to the society just because they contributed for the ‘campus suitcase’ back in the days.
That was just for the society, I need not have to mention about my house chores and personal bills they are uncountable. Does that now gives you a clear picture of how busy and demanding it is to take care of all that?
When I first saw you, at the conference, my heart skipped a beat and anxiety took over me but still I had to go on with the presentations. Thank God atleast I got a moment with you thereafter and believe me I had to take advantage of that only chance and utilize it to the fullest.
I’m sure you couldn’t comprehend at that moment but trust me I was in my right mind because I knew that was the only time I had. After that, I knew my busy schedule would soon consume me and that’s the reason I had to propose at that moment that day. A gentle man I’m went down on his knees and closed my eyes. All I wanted to hear was a Yes and the next minute I would be a bachelor no more.

A ten minute silence opened my eyes and a multitude of dignitaries gazed at their boss with pity. You left with no trace but trust me your face is still clear in my mind but that is not a guarantee that with this nature of work you will last for long.
Somehow I don’t know how you got my number and that clears my doubt that we are sailing in the same boat. I won’t promise to take you for a date because of my busy schedule but what I can promise is that when I see you again I will still propose and please say Yes because there might be no other time.


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