Just a thought


It’s a wise thing to always forget what people think about us that make us raise our bars too high. In most cases we become too proud to listen to our inner selves and our ego take control over us making us slaves to a lifestyle that deny us a chance to live for the people we love and fit to our own space, where we belong.
Many are the times we are caught off guard or even realize when it’s too late after losing something that we treasure. Not because we never get a chance to reconcile or show our affection but because we are so egocentric and ignorant. We pretend to be so busy with the people whom we have barely known for a year just because they enjoy our company not for who we are but for what we have. At that time we give them most of our attention as they fill our ears with sweet nothings and deny those who value us to appreciate and be real to us.

What you should know is that, you fit in that friend-with-benefit circle because of what you posses and the moment you are back to zero, you will be replaced by another fool of your type and the cycle is on again. Your brains now join you and all what remain is curses and regrets. Wish you spent what you had no matter how little it was with the people who treasure you regardless you have it or not. Your presence lightens their lives and your warm embrace brings back smiles into their lives.
When that mess happens, shame and disgrace becomes your new companion and it becomes even worse when your power and strength is gone and the only option you have is to go back to the people who long counted you among the dead. How do you even beg them to accept you back to the house you never built or even feed you when you ran away from your responsibilities and left them to fight the life battles before their age?
To save yourself that shame of going down to your knees and beg for forgiveness trying to reconcile with your family which you might have lost, play your cards well and learn to stick to where you belong. Anywhere else is the world full of strangers and the only thing you can offer to them is just a smile in exchange for your safety but anything else, give it to your family, where you belong.


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