Don’t let challenges derail your Purpose


Bishop Allan Kiuna



 Many people are giving up on their attempts to succeed in life just because they have encountered challenges.word Many give up on their journey to success not because it’s impossible to succeed but rather because of the reality of the treacherous journey to success.

Many live in pseudo-visions; forced detours that have resulted in the modification of the original intent for their lives, thus getting edged out into the peripheries of their purpose in life. Interestingly, the reality of life is such that there is always a force attempting to keep you from achieving anything. Which is why the attention you give to the hassle can indeed paralyze you.

Focusing on the challenge changes your goal in the mind and shifts your resources, heart and resolve from achieving your daring dreams to locate fire escapes yet your life is not burning, it’s just temperature that’s high.

The moment the direction of your passion changes or slows down, dreams and their intended outcomes take a pause too.

Nothing in this life deserves more attention from you than the achievement of purpose.

Most problems that you give more attention than what’s due, tend to linger, frustrate and entrench themselves more in your life. This creates an endless cycle of attention need and a downward spiral of deceptive possibilities for solutions to more imagined problems. Which is why you must at all times develop a ruthless focus on your purpose and carry out your assignments with precision and courage. When confronted with issues that constantly compete for your attention, the best gift you can give   yourself is to ignore the screams of your challenges. Problems thrive on your attention and panic, not on your inability to solve them. Do not allow pain to run your life. The turbulence of the skies should not stop the flight to greatness. Ignore their canines, mock their fangs and move past their ultimatums and dreams materialize. What has moved from barking to growling is only indicative that you are nearer to the door of your miracle than when you first began. Just because the dog threatened to bite doesn’t mean the owner of the house has cancelled his invitation. Go in and enjoy yourself. Dogs were meant to bark!

The easiest way to throw your life away is to respond to every false alarm that rings in your life. Don’t disrupt your dreams with lamentations about a fixed past, regrets about what you did or didn’t do, and anxiety about a tomorrow that is assured to nobody just because the resounding gongs of alarms seem louder than your purpose.

Don’t allow people’s choice that contradict your wishes become the stumbling block that stops your success. The person who withholds what’s due to you has also barricaded his own way to prosperity. Shift your mind from their selfishness and focus on your own road to recovery, pursuit and profits. Take a bearing from where duress has blinded and stopped you.

When darkness comes, use flashlight, when the rain falls, use an umbrella, when people reject you, the problem is not you, it is their emaciated ability to accept your difference. Don’t shut down your life, career, dreams or vision just because the opinion of your circumstances becomes contrary. You are the king of your domain, not the problems. A lion is never worried about the opinion of sheep.

Don’t wish away problems, expect and eat them for breakfast! But in the midst of them, find a reason to keep on ticking. They are not the main purpose why you are here, the purpose is.

Remember, the tenacity of challenges has a way of shying away when ignored.  Life soon finds its way in concordance with our daring dreams when we keep on dreaming more today than we did yesterday.  Opposition, inconvenience and less than pleasant experiences do not have the final say in your life, the conquest and prosperity of your purpose does.

Until we can safely conclude that you won, despite the innumerable challenges of this life, go back to the ring and win another bout.  Prosper in another transaction. Look up, look ahead; don’t look back you are not headed that way. Raise your life from dung hill of squalor and pursue, conquer and recover all. It is not over until you WIN!



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