Masked me

The silent truth
Writing down my deep thoughts.

In my own island of agony and distress
Love and hatred seem perfect allies
All in search of unrealistic happiness
They say it’s unnatural …. remedy no one can offer
Let me be…HE understands the better me

Immeasurable Fear in me for the judgment Day
But You remind me of your mercy and Undying love
My prayer YOU remember my greatest ordeal on earth
And efforts just for a portion of happiness and truth for my humanity
Should I trust YOU with this…………
Or should I put my full armor ready to burn for uncensored self‐control.

Grant me the power of preference I wish
And I would mould my being afresh with no traces of crookedness
Only a straight being pleasing the said natural
And for wishes aren’t horses, A beggar left only to ride in darkness only visible to fellow comrades
NO apologies for who I am ….I also don’t understand
No words for being different, had no choice but be my own
Much are the tears shed, but only unanswered queries and more distress

Don’t question my being, It’s a parable to myself
Always seeking for happiness in an island of cocktailed love and hatred


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